A “Thank you!” note

First and foremost Asante sana to David, our safari guide. We couldn’t have asked for a better resource for this adventure. His knowledge of the environment and his love for nature are treats hard to find but he has them both. There was not one question he couldn’t answer and belive me, we are very inquisitive and want to know everything :) His suggestions on how we should go about finding animals and see places were always welcomed and he lived up to the nickname the manager at Osupoko gave him: ‘lucky David’! Because of his experience we were able to see the big five, tons of lions, a lion pride hunt and feast happening under our very own eyes, cheetahs, hypos, crocodiles and everything else you could wish to see. I still remember about one day when it was pouring rain, the road was so slippery that it made me think about taking on surfing, the dark was dawning on us and in the middle of all this I hear David saying in a calm voice “oh, look the is a lion over there”. He was still spotting animals for us!!

Lion in the rain

Lion in the rain

Thank you very much David!

David and us at the Ngorongoro gate

David and us at the Ngorongoro gate

We would also like to thank Roberto and Grayson for their help and the professionalism. We are glad we chose Savannah Explorer to organize our safari experience. Their advice and choice of places to stay were always the best and we enjoyed each place we stayed at. They were always very responsive and accommodated our requests and changes of plans along the way.

Asante sana guys, keep up the good work!

Savannah Explorers

Savannah Explorers

One thought on “A “Thank you!” note

  1. David christopher

    Dear Mihaela and Ryan,

    I hope your all alrigh and still enjoying to explore the world, I’m still having the great memories of our great Safari we had together!,be blessed wherever you are!,

    with respect,


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