Going to the zoo. Australia Zoo.

I can not remember the last time I’ve been to the zoo. I was still a kid for sure. I do not really like the concept of a zoo. No matter how well the animals are taken care of, they are still in a cage. People still come to ‘stare’ at them and be entertained. I understand how a zoo can be educational and very interesting especially for kids, but still I don’t like going to a zoo.

Here I am in Australia and I’ve still not been able to see a koala. Those little furry animals are a real treat and I want to see one in ‘meat and bones’, an old Romanian saying like English’s ‘in the flesh’. After searching for this elusive animal, I find out that Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter, is Australian (I knew it already but it didn’t clicked in my head) and that the renowned Australia Zoo near Brisbane has actually been established by him and his wife Terri. I have watched his show on Animal Planet and found his love of nature a real joy. I thought: who would be able to create a good environment for the animals in a zoo better than he would? Maybe his zoo will be a different experience than what I knew a zoo to be. So we went to the Australia Zoo, Steve Irwin legacy.

The place is huge and you better plan a full day just to get to experience everything it has to offer. Close encounters with the animals from all over the world (and when I say close I think about one of the tours you can take and pet a cheetah on the way), feed the tortoises, play with the otters, learn how the Australian birds of prey are catching their food, walk with a Sumatran tiger, enjoy some dingos, see the endangered white rhinoceros, hand feed a kangaroo (or two).

Of course the zoo is big on crocodiles, from all over the world, in their own pools of water, families or bachelors. They are also the main attraction of the noon show in the Crocoseum. Prepare for some ohhs and wows while the zoo keepers are feeding them in front of your eyes.
Insert pic of crocodile jumping off the water.

Croc attacking its prey

Croc attacking its prey

I saved the best for last though. If you were holding your breath waiting to find out if I’ve lived my koala dream, be at ease. I did, in a much better way than I ever expected. I got to HOLD one!! Furry and warm and sleepy and cute and smelling like flowers! His name is Milo and he made my day and many more days afterwards, while my grin remained on my face :)

Furry, fluffy, warm, flower smelling Milo

Furry, fluffy, warm, flower smelling Milo

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