Scooteroo in Australia’s 1770 town

1770, what a great name for a town! This town was named after the year that Captain Cook found the area, the bay here to be exact, since it was a safe place for his ship. 1770 and Agnes Water are two small, relaxed, laid back towns that were fun to visit for a couple days. From the campgrounds we were in we saw that many come for the fishing, bringing their own boats and putting in at the public doc not too far away. From the hotel and restaurant down the road we saw that many others come to sit and watch the water, or sun, or birds, or their drinks go down. It’s one of the few places on the east coast you can see a sunset over water, because of the bay. We were here just to see, so we fit in well. The restaurant/bar turned into a favorite of ours because of the view it had of the water and the setting sun.

But… our real reason for coming here was Scooteroo Tours, a little place that lets you be the badass biker you always wanted to be. They provide the choppers. They provide the leather jackets and helmets. They even provide the tattoos as Mihaela is demonstrating below. You put it all on and head out into a scene from Easy Rider. Well, almost. The choppers they provide are actually small motorcycles with automatic transmissions that they do tours with. You get dressed up in leather jackets and helmets with flames on them, choose your chopper and then head out as a group. While the motorcycles don’t go very fast, maybe 60km downhill with a tail wind, they are fun to ride. They take pictures along the way while the group heads into the town of 1770 to watch the sun go down over the water. They post pictures the next day so you can show all your friends the great time you had on the bikes.

The scariest part of the whole ride… the kangaroos. Out in the bush where you ride, there are some big kangaroos. They aren’t violent or anything, but they are, well stupid. Kangaroos are not known for intelligence and when danger approaches they don’t always run ‘away’. They’ve been known to run towards the thin that startled them. One stop we made had about 15 kangaroos in a field nearby. Mihaela was able to get within 5 meters of them by walking when they bent down to eat and standing still when they looked up.

Overall, this was thoroughly a silly stop, but I think because of this it is one that we’ve enjoyed the most!

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