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Who could get lost? Well, we could.

We’re Mihaela and Ryan Nelson. Two travelers from San Francisco, California who are out to investigate more of this world we live in. Travel, exploration and going where we’ve not been before has been a passion for both of us.

Mihaela grew up in Romania and from an early age she was out with her family exploring all there was to see. Some of her fondest memories from childhood are the trips she took hiking mountain ranges and seeing the countryside and then watching as her father built journals of the trips, complete with maps of the routes taken.

Ryan developed his roaming nature from his family as well. Ryan’s parents chose to move around in United States instead of staying in one place for a long time. Their motive was always because they ‘wanted to see what was over the next hill’. Ryan has continued this tradition in his own way.

Why ‘we could get lost’ as a name for this journal? Well because that’s half the fun of exploring. You make a plan, head out the door and aim for where you want to be. Along the way you find things you didn’t expect and find that things can change. ‘Getting lost’ isn’t a bad thing in our eyes. It’s more of a new door opening to something we hadn’t thought of yet.

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